Welcome to mummyGEAR

mummyGEAR is the home of maternity exercise wear designed exclusively for pregnant women who want to exercise right through their pregnancy. Our sportswear is so comfy that non-pregnant women are wearing it too!.

The mummyGEAR Onesie is a figure-hugging one-piece that simply rolls off and on from the shoulders. Our clever design and unique fabric stretches and supports your growing belly right through the duration of your pregnancy. It can also be worn by non-pregnant women who simply want to feel extra support while exercising.

The Onesie feels as smooth as wearing nothing, while giving your mummyBITS all the support you need. With no waistband digging into your skin, it easily rolls over your hips and bumps just like a swim suit, and holds you trimly in place from breast to thigh.

Perfectly suited for pilates and yoga during pregnancy - on its own or with a loose singlet or T-shirt over the top. And it’s also great as casual wear on the weekend.­